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Decalogue: Complete (3 DVD's) / (Sub)

Titulo Original: Decalogue: Complete (3 DVD's) / (Sub)

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  • No Contiene
  • Inglés Dolby Digital Stereo
  • This Special DVD Edition includes an introduction to The Decalogue by film critic Roger Ebert
  • a visit to the set of The Decalogue
  • an extended interview with Kieslowski
  • an appreciation of Kieslowski by his colleagues
  • a booklet with full credits
  • Kieslowski's statement on The Decalogue and an interview with screenwriter Krysztof Piesiewicz
Duración 584 minutos
Zona 1 - Estados Unidos y Canada
Lanzamiento 8/19/2003
Cantidad Discos 3 Disco(s)
Tipo de Pantalla Fullscreen [1.33:1]
Precio $ 404,87

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Sinopsis / Comentarios
Extraordinary...memorable..." -Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

The legendary cinematic masterpiece by Krzysztof Kieslowski is now on a Special DVD Edition, which brings a renewed sense of immediacy. These 10 films are a work of supreme daring, imagination and sheer brilliance, riveting and profound. Each of the films uses one of the Ten Commandments as a thematic springboard. The Decalogue has awed audiences throughout the world who recognize it as one of the 20th century's supreme artistic achievements.

The best actors, cinematographers and film technicians joined Kieslowski (Three Colors: Blue/White/Red, The Double Life of Veronique) and his co-writer and long-time collaborator Krzysztof Piesiewicz in these extraordinary stories of human frailties, moral dilemmas and philosophical queries in the lives of ordinary people.

The experience of watching The Decalogue is so compelling and powerful that film critic Kenneth Turan wrote that to see The Decalogue was "nothing less than a privilege."



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